Flux Blacksliver

Name: Flux Blacksliver

Race: Halfling

Class: Cleric

Gender: Male

Age: 17

Level: 1

Adventurer Rank: F

Religious Affiliation: none

Stats: 50 points

Strength : 2

Agility : 11

Durability : 2

Stamina : 6

Wisdom : 13

Intelligence : 10

Charisma : 5

Luck : 7

Starting Abilities:

Common Language

Halfling Language

Nimble 1 

Persuasion 1

Diplomacy 1

Literate 1

Sense Traps 1

Sense Motive 1

Religious Knowledge 1

Historic Knowledge 1

Alchemy 1

Character Background:

Flux was a former noble, known throughout the Halfling Kingdom however due to the sudden death of her mother the Matriarch of the family their house fell into ruin. His father died years after due to neglect of his health, currently Flux is working as an adventurer to restore his families honor. He has two younger siblings a 12 yr old girl and a 15 yr old boy that are staying in their sole possession a mansion.

Character Personality:

Flux is a haughty genius, he was supposed to become a Chronomage like his mother but unfortunately she died before she could pass the knowledge to him. He is selfish and sometimes inconsiderate but underneath his facade is still a child that is burdened with his families problems. Due to his circumstances he is sometimes considered rude for a halfling that are known to diplomatic.

Character Masteries:

Heal Mastery 1

Barrier Mastery 1

Status Mastery 1

Character Skills:

Heal 1 

Wisdom Up 1

Aggravate Wound 1

Restrict 1

Agility Down 1

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