Goryoun the Beastman

Goryoun the Beastman

Name: Goryoun

Race: Beastman

Class: Fighter

Gender: Male


Level: 1

Adventurer Rank: F

Religious Affiliation: none

Stats: 50 points
Strength : 11

Agility : 7

Durability : 10

Stamina : 8

Wisdom : 7

Intelligence : 7

Charisma : 3  

Luck : 3

 Starting Abilities:
Common Language

Beastman Language

Immovable 1 

Jump 1

Negotiation 1

Sense Monsters 1

Sense Enemies 1

Sense Bloodlust 1

Weapon Knowledge 1

Smithing 1

Advanced Smithing 1

Character Background:

Faced on a brink of extinction on a young aged of 4 goryoun's parents was forced to be given to a Magician that is living on the other side of the valley to be taken care off, the master magician was kind and treated Goryoun as family the magician tried to teach him magic but didn't see a spark for learning it but was intrigue for determination to learn it so the magician decided to search for Goryouns race to learn his origins and see how can she help him learn magic when the time comes, successfully they found the village and lived a peaceful life with her master, at the age of 15 he started to be an adventurer.

Character Personality: 

Likes every Race, Favorite food is Orange, and has a long temper rather than other beastmen

Character Masteries:

Hammer Mastery 1

Axe Mastery 1

Spear Master 1

Character Skills:

Blunt 3

Roar 1

Taunt 1

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