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Mugenia is the name of the strongest guild of this world. Though it is said to be a myth a lot of adventurers althrough out the world wants to be one day invited into this guild, due to this reason the world has plenty of adventurers, though the kingdoms are wary of Mugenia and wishes to destroy it, they cannot due to the ethereal knowledge of this guild. Adventurers are ranked from F>E>D>C>B>A>S>U, and it is said that the top ten of Mugenia are all of U rank. There are four races in Mugenia known as the Humans, Elven, Halflings and Beastman, each having their own kingdoms and cultures. There are 4 known religions: The Maiden showing Naivete and Chivalry, The Huntress showing survival and Independence, The Mother showing Nurturing and Protection and The Hag showing Deceit and Power. There are more than 25 classes to choose from so diversity can be found.

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