Name: Solace Duskbring

Race: Halfling

Class: Rogue

Gender: Female


Level: 1

Adventurer Rank: F

Religious Affiliation: none

 Stats: 50 points

Strength : 2

Agility : 15

Durability : 2

Stamina : 4

Wisdom : 15

Intelligence : 3

Charisma : 5

Luck : 10

Starting Abilities:

Common Language

Halfling Language

Nimble 2 

Hide 1

Diplomacy 1

Deception 1

Sense Traps 1

Sense Motive 1

Religious Knowledge 1

Poisons Knowledge 1

Character Background:

"Everything is just a pawn ready to be played and discarded"

This line was stabbed into Solace's frail heart as she walks through the gates of deceit and puppetry. As a child she was a cheerful daughter spoiled by the love of her doting father. Everyday was like paradise filled with prosperity and fondness all throughout the mansion. She thought this would go on forever until that fateful day...

As she was going home from her trip through town, she was giddy and radiant on how she would tell her father all about her trip when she noticed that the mansion was pitch black neither the chandelier nor the post were lit, like it was deserted.  As she went closer,she noticed an unfamiliar scent, a scent that was musty and rotten, like garbage that was not disposed and take care of. This strikes fear into her young heart, but she just shrug it off and go on her way. As she open the door, the scent intensified, like it attacked your nose and spread out a plague She felt dizzy, but couldn't help but to open up the light, and there she was struck by a scene straight out of hell... Her Father, left hanging by the chandelier, with his head wrapped around his own intestines. Their head maid, arms stretched throughout the wall, her heart dangling up as her lungs was punctured and played ho Clarissa, her cousin, covered up with whitish body fluids, laid bare as she her head was rolled away from her body. At the center of the room, letters inked by blood,  "The Troupe was here, playing music as we speak." "only around was love and peace, tainted by lying and deceit" "The lands were bleak, we're here to repeat" "anguish has beaks, stabbing you like pricks" The message was totally meaningless, but Solace take it as a reminder and a threat. As she realized how helpless she is, she thought to herself.

The only way she could find someone in the darkness she need to be enamored by darkness itself.

Character Personality:

She speaks to others, but not exactly sociable. She was quick-witted and calculative on what she would say, but her inner brashness tends to show when she was flustered or off guard

Character Masteries:

Dagger Mastery 1

Thrown Weapon Mastery 1

Poisons Mastery 1
Character Skills:

Poison Coating 1

Steal 1

Stab 1 

Throw 1

Hidden Artillery 1

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